International Sale of Gold and Silver from Bullion List

Precious metals, in particular, Gold, Platinum, and Silver are a store of wealth outside the traditional banking system. The benefits include security and insurance against bank runs, inflation, political uncertainty, and confiscation of bank funds.

Bullion List offers overseas clients the opportunity to take advantage of Australia’s "Safe Haven" status to purchase precious metals to store in Australia until the metal or funds are required.

Australian Gold, Platinum, and Silver can be ordered and purchased from overseas and stored in private vaults here in Australia. The usual government propriety must be enforced to guarantee ready movement of both funds and metal at any future date.

As an example, precious metals can be purchased at our published list price. They can then be stored at a nominal rate by Bullion List in a third-party private vault until you choose to ship to your overseas location or, alternatively, cash in and have the funds sent to you. Similarly, you may choose to purchase just Silver, but to avoid the high cost of freight, you may elect to convert your holdings to Gold or Platinum for easy shipping, or again cash in and receive the funds. If selling, all Australian capital gains tax will need to be paid within Australia before any funds are released and transferred back overseas.

Further, you may prefer to make smaller investments in precious metals and only choose to ship, or cash in, when you have reached a predetermined target, or when the circumstance are to your advantage.

All shipments to you will be via your courier of choice, Bullion List preferred international courier is FedEx. We will arrange shipping and insurance FOB Australia, whereas you will be required to cover all costs and any duties within your country of destination.

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