1/2oz Silver Coin Capsule

1/2oz Silver Coin Capsule

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Capsule fits for 1/2oz silver coin

Suitable for 1/2 oz silver coin transparent plastic cases to protect your coins from scratches and tarnish. These cases feature an air tight seal and a flat surface suitable for stacking.

Original coin tube for the following coins:
  • Inner Dimensions: 35 mm
  • Thickness 2mm

Other Information

 Other products will also fit in this capsule as long as the coin diameter does not exceed 33 mm.


United States Coins: Gold $10 1795-1804, First Spouse Bronze Coin1 oz. Gold Buffalo Australian Coins: 1 oz. Platinum Platypus Coin is 32.6mm, expect a slight rattle British Coins: 1 oz. Gold Brittania, 1 oz. Gold Sovereign Coin is 32.7mm, expect a slight rattle Canadian Coins: 1 oz. Palladium Maple Leaf, ($1) One Dollar 1968-1986 Coin is 32.13mm, expect a slight rattle South African Coins: 1 oz. Gold Krugerrand  Coin is 32.8mm, expect a slight rattle

 ** Coins not included.