1g x25 Geiger Silver Square Bar (Capsule)

1g x25 Geiger Silver Square Bar (Capsule)

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These 1oz x25 fine silver bars feature Geiger Edelmetalle's stately headquarters, the Schloss (castle) Güldengossa, located near the city of Leipzig, Germany.

Manufactured in Germany for renowned precious metals trading house Geiger Edelmetalle, these bars feature the company's stately headquarters at Schloss Güldengossa. With the earliest record of a manor house on the site dating from 1285, the Schloss (castle) Güldengossa has recently been restored to highlight it's present layout dating from the Baroque era. It is located to the south east of the city of Leipzig, where the German silver trade first began in 1218.

Today, Geiger Edelmetalle's Schloss Güldengossa silver bars are made to the highest standards in nearby Leipzig, highlighting a history of trade and investment dating back almost 800 years.