1oz Pegasus Silver Round

1oz Pegasus Silver Round

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1oz Pegasus Silver Round.

nspired from Greek mythology, the Pegasus represents knowledge, inspiration and justice. Known for its' beauty, the Pegasus symbolising the ability to transcend earthly troubles overcome them. 

The obverse features Pegasus in full flight and the reverse features the inscription "Free Markets & Free People." A lion and bull are visible near the centre of the coin. They are a tribute to their appearance on the first coins ever minted, dating back over 2,500 years ago in Lydia.

Coin Highlights:


• Contains 1 troy ounce or 31.1 grams of pure 99.9% silver

• Beautiful privately minted silver round

• Multiples of 20 ship in protective tubes

• Reverse features the Lydian Bull and Lion crest paying respect to society’s first real money made in Lydia in 680BC.

• Observe features an artistic portrayal of a majestic Pegasus flying above the clouds


The reverse design for the 1oz Silver Pegasus Round features the Lydian Bull and Lion crest which pays respect to the first real money produced in Lydia in 680 BC. Above the crest includes the wording ‘Free Markets & Free People’. The crest is broken into 4 quadrants, each with a unique symbol. Additionally, the inscriptions on the round include the metal content, purity and mint. 


The coin’s obverse displays the popular design of a mythical Pegasus soaring above the clouds in front of an oversized crowning sun surrounded by bolts of sunrays and lightning. The word ‘FREEDOM’ circles the Pegasus, along with the year of mintage on the bottom.