25 Multigram PAMP Gold bar 25 x 1g

25 Multigram PAMP Gold bar 25 x 1g

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* New plastic snap-off card packaging *

The latest PAMP innovation, the unique MULTIGRAM+25 bullion set presents 25 Fortuna ingots weighing 1 gram each, ingeniously packaged within interconnecting CertiPAMP units that may be snapped off from the set as desired.

When removed, each securely sealed ingot maintains its individual certification and unique identity, making MULTIGRAM+25 ideal for bullion enthusiasts and for gift giving.

As ever, each CertiPAMP card features a unique serial number, assayer’s signature, and confirmations of weight and metal fineness.

Orders in multiples of 25 come as unbroken Multi-Gram sheets.