50g (50x1g) Valcambi CombiBar Gold Stock

50g (50x1g) Valcambi CombiBar Gold Stock

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Solid gold from one of Switzerland's most trusted refineries: Valcambi, manufacturers of the famous CombiBar.

50x1gram gold combiBar - Valcambi (in Assay)

In addition to producing the famous CombiBar range of snap-apart bullion bars, Valcambi's traditional minted and cast bars come in a range of sizes for the private investment market.

Each product in the Valcambi minted gold range displays the bar's weight, purity, the Valcambi name and logo and an individual serial number matched to the number printed on the blister card certificate, protecting the bar from tampering, scrapes and scratches.

Located in Balerna, Switzerland, Valcambi is certified by the London Bullion Market Association as a Good Delivery Refiner - a trusted supplier to the LBMA's wholesale clients which include banks, investment firms and governments across the globe.