1g x 100 Silver CombiBar

1g x 100 Silver CombiBar

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Valcambi's innovative, divisible bar format turned heads in the bullion market when the first 1g x 50 gold bar was released, giving investors an accessible and flexible option for managing their physical gold holdings.

Valcambi has now expanded the CombiBar range with a new 1g x 100 silver bar. When broken up into it's component "micro bars", these become the smallest - and therefore the most liquid - silver bars on the market today.

Specially engineered predefined breaking points ensure that there is no loss of metal when the CombiBar is broken up - a simple matter of bending the strips along their break lines until the weakened metal gives way and snaps apart.

Each individual "micro bar" displays it's weight, element, purity and the Valcambi name and logo.

Located in Balerna, Switzerland, Valcambi is certified by the London Bullion Market Association as a Good Delivery Refiner and serves the LBMA's wholesale clients including banks, investment firms and governments across the globe.