1oz Britannia Gold Coin 2023 King Charles

1oz Britannia Gold Coin 2023 King Charles

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1oz Royal Mint Britannia Gold Coin 2023 King Charles

Key Features:

  • The obverse features the first coinage portrait of His Majesty The King
  • The world’s first bullion coin to feature the first coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III
  • Surface animation creates a background of moving waves
  • The micro-text provides both decoration and protection
  • Britannia’s shield bears the Union flag, which is accented with tincture lines
  • The coin comes in a single coin capsule

Britannia has represented a nation and its people since Roman times and more than two thousand years later the icon is still instantly recognisable on a bullion coin. For 2023, Britannia continues to define security in the bullion market as she appears on a coin that has four groundbreaking features. Surface animation provides a background for Britannia, reflecting the flow of waves as the coin is moved, and between this and the banding of the coin you will find micro-text with the wording ‘Decus et Tutamen’, which translates as ‘An ornament and a safeguard’ and describes the features that both decorate and protect the coin.

A latent feature in the lower left-hand segment of the coin switches between a trident and a padlock based on the viewer’s perspective – emphasising her maritime strength and the coin’s secure nature – and details such as the Union flag on Britannia’s shield have been specially highlighted with tincture lines. The advanced features have been combined to create a stunning Britannia design that is also the most visually secure coin in the world.