10oz Southern Cross Bullion 'Minted' Silver Bar

10oz Southern Cross Bullion 'Minted' Silver Bar

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10 oz Southern Cross Bullion 'Minted' Silver Bar

New from Southern Cross Bullion, these beautifully minted silver bars feature the famous Crux constellation seen through a 'windowed' mirror field. This contrasts with a pearl finish achieved through an innovative application of frosting over the front surface of the bar.

The back features the Southern Cross Bullion shield at the center of a stunning star pattern stamped deeply into the hard metal.

As well as reeded edges - typically only seen on coins - a special year-date marking is applied to the back of the bar which can only be seen under ultra-violet light. Each bar comes with an individually serial numbered sticker for insurance and auditing purposes.

These bars are both an excellent choice for investment in precious metals and a study in the excellence that can be achieved in their manufacture.


Visit www.SouthernCrossBullion.com.au for more information and images.