1oz ABC Bullion Minted Bhagwan Krishna Coin Silver

1oz ABC Bullion Minted Bhagwan Krishna Coin Silver

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ABC Bullion is pleased to present a special release 2023 1oz Silver Coin, depicting Krishna. Struck from 1 ounce of 99.95% silver, this coin is produced by ABC Refinery, the pre-eminent Australasian refiner, assayer and mint.

The coin celebrates 25 years of Hindu Council of Australia and coincides with the Krishna Janmashtami festival.

The coin portrays Krishna with the conch shell and holds great significance to Hindus.

The blowing of the conch by Krishna calls for awakening and invokes the path of righteousness and spiritual growth.

The coin also includes ABC Bullion brand mark and the coin’s weight and fineness is included on the coin’s obverse.

KEY FEATURES: · Produced in Australia · Bulk buy discounts available · Minimum weight: 1 ounce · Purity: 99.95%